a whiskey that demands appreciation

Prohibitionists retreat, because we’re at it again with a whiskey that deserves some mad respect. This small batch of bliss was born inside hand selected whiskey barrels and aged to perfection. And to make it our own, it was lovingly transferred into aged bourbon barrels infused with decadent port. A two-year meticulous process that delivers a warm but smooth spirit that’s perfect for hitting those crazy deadlines or enjoying cozy nights by the fire.

be creative. be inspired. taste fearless.

the process

Our Fearless Vodka was an overwhelming hit, so we knew that our next spirit had to live up to a high bar (pun intended). What came next was a smooth, savory delight — Fearless Whiskey. Distilled in partnership with the masterminds at Toledo Spirits, this sipper has a complex yet simple impact on your palette and outlook on life.

The distillation process started more than two years before our custom whiskey hit the bottom of the bottles. During this time, the whiskey matured in oak casks, reaching our preferred flavor and color. Throughout the maturation process, the wood of the casks expands and contracts with the changing temperatures and on average, 2.5% of the spirit evaporates between casking and bottling. This loss is referred to as the “angels' share.” There is as much art as science to get that perfect taste at the end of two years. And what we got is an awesome concoction of time, love and plenty of fearlessness.

every barrel has a story

Every barrel is not the same, so we had to start by tasting several barrels (oh, the responsibility to be on the whiskey team) to select the two we wanted to help create Fearless. Lucky winners were barrels #34 and #35. And blended together, they gave us the comprehensive taste of coffee and the sweet notes we were looking for, with a warmth that cut through your system just enough to know you were drinking the good stuff.

the finish

port meets whiskey: a love story

We weren't just looking for any old whiskey. We're Interrupt and we expect more. So, we purchased aged barrels that had been used for numerous batches of the best bourbon available. But something was missing. We wanted more complexity and a smoothness that also had a touch of sweetness. That's why we infused the bourbon barrels with the finest port we could ship into the states. Port is a sweet, red, fortified wine with a rich, plumy flavor. Combining the bourbon and port, we were able to pick up a lot of unique notes, creating a very complex mix of warmth and sweetness (you know, like our account team).

judge this whiskey by its cover

A Fearless branded spirit wouldn’t be complete without a kick-ass bottle and label design. Inspired by some of the most unique whiskies around the world, the Fearless Whiskey bottle is bold and is emboldened with our graffiti wall graphics from our office. Each bottle is signed by our fearless leader and individually hand numbered and wax stamped. Because you know, this stuff is special.

come taste fearless

Join us as we unpack our Fearless concoctions and spend a day ideating about your brand strategy. Get ready to dive deep into some strategic thinking. We guarantee you will leave more passionate and stoked about your business opportunity.

Taste Fearless Responsibly

Being fearless is about taking risks that challenge the status quo, force you out of your comfort zone and overcome the habits that hold you back. It’s not about risking the safety of yourself or those around you. Always enjoy your Fearless pursuits responsibly.

Sorry, our Fearless beverages are not available for sale. They are created exclusively as an annual gift to our clients and friends.

great partnerships deliver great results

Fearless Whiskey was distilled in partnership with Toledo Spirits. Since 2013, Toledo Spirits has been dedicated to crafting small batch spirits with precision and care. They use old fashioned pot stills and taste test every batch to ensure its integrity and consistency. Oh, and they're awesome!