yep, we have our own vodka

Meet Fearless Vodka — a custom spirit infused with stone fruit and distilled with a splash of courage. This small batch of goodness offers up a smooth taste and clean finish, perfect for craft cocktail connoisseurs and shot takers alike. Fearless Vodka is crafted to be the ideal companion to everything from a friendly chat around the campfire to a creative brainstorm.

be creative. be inspired. taste fearless.


the back story

During a 2-day client strategy session, we decided to do something different. We took our client to Toledo Spirits, a local distillery. The distillation process got us thinking… hey, that’s what we do with our clients' brands. Every day. We take in numerous inputs and use our expertise to filter out all the stuff that dilutes and confuses brands to distill the pure essence of what makes each brand 110% awesome.

So, why not create a vodka to emulate our internal process? Good idea? Heck yeah!

getting that taste just right

So, now on to the taste profile. Our stipulations — simple-ish. We wanted it to be clean and fresh, with a hint of sweetness and a little bite (but no burn). Okay, maybe not so simple. We started with the idea for a cherry vodka, but soon found out it tasted like cough syrup. No thanks. So like any good strategist, we rolled with the data and found a better path.

Distilling is balancing science with art. It’s the chemistry of constantly exploring the combinations of flavors and aromas to finally find that one unique spirit experience that’s just right for your vision. That’s how Interrupt and Toledo Spirits created Fearless Vodka.

Lukas Kummer – Head Distiller, Toledo Spirits

Plum Crazy or Stoned

Instead of ditching the cherries, we added plums, nectarines and apricots. And then we waited. And waited. But, to our surprise, there weren’t enough plums. Seriously, we dealt with an epic plum shortage. So, we adjusted and nixed the purple fruit. No biggie. In just three months and dozens of tastings later (and plenty of Uber rides home), we found that perfect blend. It took 64 mix options and re-blending, but we finally tasted the one. We had crafted Fearless.

infused mix

so much more than a bottle

After all that work, you wouldn't expect us to put our unique vodka in any sea of sameness, tall round bottle. Come on. This is Fearless Vodka, people. Not your average sh*t. We explored a lot of options and selected a squared bottle with a long neck and confident stature. And cheap paper labels? Not an option. We integrated our graffiti wall into the bottle's design. The result — a killer look purposely crafted to create an awesome experience.


recipes from our in-house mixologists

Here at Interrupt®, we pride ourselves on possessing versatile skillsets. Betcha didn't know that some of us are craft cocktail creators! It's true — 16 members of our team became mixologists, creating recipes ranging in flavor profiles from totally fearless to extraordinarily passionate. Depending on your mood — and tolerance for adventure — we have a drink for you.

come taste fearless

Let's whip out the shaker and a bottle of Fearless Vodka and spend a day ideating about your brand strategy. Get ready to dive deep into some strategic thinking. We guarantee you will leave a little more fearless and passionate about your business opportunity.


It’s time to embrace your inner-fearlessness and show us how you chose to unleash awesome. Snap your pics and share on social using the hashtag #tastefearless.

Taste Fearless Responsibly

Being fearless is about taking risks that challenge the status quo, force you out of your comfort zone and overcome the habits that hold you back. It’s not about risking the safety of yourself or those around you. Always enjoy your Fearless pursuits responsibly.

Sorry, our Fearless beverages are not available for sale. They are created exclusively as an annual gift to our clients and friends.

great partnerships deliver great results

Fearless Vodka was distilled in partnership with Toledo Spirits. Since 2013, Toledo Spirits has been dedicated to crafting small batch spirits with precision and care. They use old fashioned pot stills and taste test every batch to ensure its integrity and consistency. Oh, and they're awesome!