This isn’t your great-grandmama’s moonshine

Rigorously perfected and strong on impact, our customized batch of Fearless Moonshine is made for those who aren’t afraid to take risks and make every day count. It’s a powerful 100 proof but still smooth, with a bold mix of corn, sugar, and local apples. Sour mashed and double pot distilled. In three flavors, including one that invites you to be your own moonshine mixologist, our moonshines are as unique as they come.

So, go ahead, take a shot, release your inner rebel and taste fearless.

the fearless flavors

make your mix

make your mix

Our Pick Your Poison moonshine gives you the opportunity to be creative and choose your own adventure. It’s pure moonshine, so choose a flavor vial, mix to taste, shake and enjoy!

1. midnight mint
2. wild amaretto
3. honey ginger

a history of inventiveness

Moonshine was historically made by the rebellious and resourceful. During prohibition when producing or selling it was outlawed, it was made at night, in secret. Moonshiners dared to create, so this year we made our own, inspired by that same spirit of disruption and rugged ingenuity.

Celebrating the Winter Solstice

It’s become our annual tradition to share our Fearless spirits with clients and friends. Since bootleggers worked at night, what better time to give a gift of moonshine than the winter solstice—the shortest day and longest night of the year. To mark the occasion, clients received a special delivery and an invitation to “make it count” and celebrate with us by raising a glass to fearlessly facing the year ahead.

Home Brewed Bottles

Representing the dark woods that surrounded the bootleggers who made moonshine at night, the specialized bottle and label designs feature hand drawn illustrations of a twilight forest. A clear foil stamp on the trees brings in a subtle sheen as if the reflection of the moon is shining on the forest, bringing in the spirit of the longest night of the winter solstice. The center illustration changes among labels to illustrate the dynamic uniqueness of each flavor.

Distilled locally. Enjoyed everywhere.

Fearless Moonshine was distilled in partnership with Toledo Spirits. Since 2013, Toledo Spirits has been dedicated to crafting small batch spirits with precision and care. They also use old fashioned pot stills and taste test every batch to ensure its integrity and consistency. Great partnerships deliver great results and we know you’ll taste the difference.

Come taste fearless

Join us as we unpack our Fearless concoctions and spend a day ideating about your brand strategy. Get ready to dive deep into some strategic thinking. We guarantee you will leave more passionate and stoked about your business opportunity.

taste fearless responsibly

Being fearless is about taking risks that challenge the status quo, force you out of your comfort zone and overcome the habits that hold you back. It’s not about risking the safety of yourself or those around you. Always enjoy your Fearless pursuits responsibly.

Sorry, our Fearless beverages are not available for sale. They are created exclusively as an annual gift to our clients and friends.