coffee + cocktails

Day and night. Work and play. Hot and cold. Our 2022 Fearless beverage is all about opposites and inspired by our “Work hard, Play hard” mindset. To celebrate the yin and yang of life, we created a pairing of two complementary beverages united by one universally beloved flavor.

Behold: Fearless Coffee Beans and Fearless Coffee Liqueur

be creative. be inspired. taste fearless.

the booze

brewing up something special

In an office with widely divergent views on coffee (from the acceptability of microwaving to whether adding cinnamon to the office brew is dastardly or delicious), we knew that agreeing on our Fearless Coffee Liqueur would be complicated.

Our product development team went to work, sampling flavor combinations in search of the perfect balance. Our requirements: a bold distinctive flavor and irresistible aroma; something that would be equally enjoyable over ice or mixed into a coffee cocktail.

The winning recipe features Costa Rican beans from the Santa Ana Mountains, roasted medium dark and brewed cold, blended with a locally made, barrel-rested farmhouse spirit. The result is a rich, full-bodied flavor with notes of vanilla, caramel and milk chocolate.

Basically, if you could bottle the feeling of sipping boozy hot chocolate next to a crackling fire on a snowy winter night, this would be it.

the beans

Café all day

What better to pair with coffee-infused alcohol than coffee beans infused with the flavor of our favorite rum? To make it happen, we engaged the services of Fourth Coast Coffee (a fledgling Cleveland-area company owned by Zach Rossiter, son of our own CEO, Bill Rossiter).

Zach and crew used the spent barrels from our 2021 Fearless Spiced Rum to create a batch of custom coffee beans like no other. We think it’s the perfect way to enjoy a fearless start to the day.

In our office, you’ll find 5 different coffee-making contraptions. What’s your perfect cup?


Wondering how to best enjoy your Fearless Coffee Liqueur? Try one of these:

come think fearless

Join us as we unpack our Fearless concoctions and spend a day ideating about your brand strategy. Get ready to dive deep into some strategic thinking. We guarantee you will leave more passionate and stoked about your business opportunity.

great partnerships deliver great results

Fearless Brew’d Booze Coffee Liqueur was distilled in partnership with Toledo Spirits. Since 2013, Toledo Spirits Company has been dedicated to crafting small batch spirits with precision and care. They use old fashioned pot stills and taste test every batch to ensure its integrity and consistency. Oh, and they're awesome!

Taste Fearless Responsibly

Being fearless is about taking risks that challenge the status quo, force you out of your comfort zone and overcome the habits that hold you back. It’s not about risking the safety of yourself or those around you. Always enjoy your Fearless pursuits responsibly.

Sorry, our Fearless beverages are not available for sale. They are created exclusively as an annual gift to our clients and friends.