Savor its allure.
Absorb its spirit.

Determination. Perseverance. Grit. They drive success. A no-quit spirit of resolve.

Agave succulents thrive in unforgiving environments and grow a heart that simply makes life a little sweeter. Now add the resilient notes of mighty oak and maple. Their deep roots and rugged bark fueling legendary longevity.

Heart and fortitude. This is the essence of Fearless Agave. The Spirit of Resolve.

be creative. be inspired. taste fearless.

the spirit

In Fearless Agave, Interrupt worked with our partners at Toledo Distillery to create something new out of something familiar.

To be clear, this is NOT a Tequila, which are made exclusively in Mexico. Fearless Agave is distilled right here in Northwest Ohio from 100% blue agave, meticulously crafted to invite a plethora of flavor profiles to the party: a little peppery, a little sweet, a little smoky. And speaking of smoky.

To give Fearless Agave a truly distinct appeal, it’s finished with maple and oak charcoal.

After all, Sylvania is the “City of Trees.” The charcoal brings a richness to the spirit, a tasty complement without overwhelming.

An agave spirit worthy of its Fearless predecessors, indeed.

the spirit of the spirit

To savor its allure is to revel in how Fearless Agave delights the senses. The visual clarity. The tantalizing aroma. The sweet and smoky taste.

And yet, it’s more than that.

Think of Fearless Agave as an infusion of the heart and fortitude contained within it. To absorb its spirit is to be steeped in the tenacity of desert succulents and seared in the strength of maple and oak trees.

This inspiring energy is what we’ve bottled in Fearless Agave. The Spirit of Resolve.

the bottle

The allure of Fearless Agave begins from the moment you set eyes on it. Even nestled in its box, this Spirit of Resolve projects weathered strength. Black and torn edges on the label of its hefty square bottle foreshadow the hint of charcoal while capturing the beautiful imperfection earned through enduring harsh trials. The spirit’s serene blue glow, capped by a rustic wooden seal, beckons you to partake in this authentic agave experience. Absorb its refreshing resilience!


agave fearita

2oz simple syrup
2oz key lime juice
4oz agave spirit

shake in shaker with ice for 20-30 seconds.

serve over ice

the distillery

a heart of partnership

Fearless Agave was distilled in partnership with Toledo Spirits.

Since 2013, Toledo Spirits Company has been dedicated to crafting small batch spirits with precision and care. They use old fashioned pot stills and taste test every batch to ensure its integrity and consistency. Oh, and they're awesome!

It’s time to embrace your inner-fearlessness and show us how you chose to unleash awesome. Snap your pics and share on social using the hashtag #tastefearless.